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Bridge Design Services

the case team has experience designing, renovating and rehabilitating bridges.

Bridge design has always been a passion for the founders of CASE. They obtained their base knowledge while working at one of the premier bridge design firms in the area. Since opening CASE, they have expanded their knowledge and performed the design of numerous bridges for both municipal and private roads. CASE can design a new bridge or perform the design for renovation or rehabilitation of an existing bridge. The CASE team also has experience in regularly scheduled maintenance inspections as well as emergency inspections. Some of the bridge design services CASE offers are listed below.

Concrete & Timber Deck Designs

Concrete, Steel, & Timber Superstructure Designs

Concrete, Steel, & Timber Substructure Designs

Bridge Inspections

Bridge Ratings

Design for Overload Situations


Esplanade Bridge

Union Tank Car Facility Access Bridge

St. Espirit Bridge Load Rating