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Geotechnical Structures

The CASE engineers have designed many different styles of retaining walls for the residential, commercial, and government markets.

CASE offers a wide range of wall types from concrete, shotcrete, wood, masonry, bricks, and pavers. We have worked with landscape architects to layout these walls assuring its clients of the most aesthetically pleasing and functional solutions. CASE has also designed walls to terrace off a high bank, to capture the banks of a river, or to support the limits of a landscape bed. We have been responsible for many retaining structures all over Louisiana. The team has the capabilities and experience to design concrete and mechanically stabilized earth walls, both self-supported and pile-supported.  CASE has provided design for both permanent and temporary wall structures. 

The CASE team has the capacity to design, repair, or rehabilitate bulkheads along docks and ports. Our engineers are very familiar with the design codes and the design loads from the earth pressure to the boat impact and rudder wash. CASE has worked on cantilevered, tied back, and braced bulkheads and can also design the mooring bits, ship anchors, fender systems, and dock ramps to support the bulkhead daily activities.

Etienne residence Retaining Wall