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Telecommunication Services

The CASE team can provide civil, electrical, and structural design services to the telecommunications industry in many different ways.

CASE delivers complete services teaming with its clients from breaking ground on the site, to placing the beacon on the top of the tower. CASE provides site surveys, site layouts, grounding plans, support buildings, and site utilities for its client’s leases. The team can also provide complete site bid packages to its clients and oversee the construction.

CASE utilizes tnx Tower software to design self supporting, guyed, and monopole tower structures and the supporting foundations for these structures. CASE has worked with its clients to design miscellaneous items such as antenna mounts, small equipment platforms, guy anchors, and tower section connectors. CASE provides its clients with a complete set of structural design drawings, shop drawings, erection drawings, and design calculations.

CASE engineers are very knowledgeable of the TIA-222 structural design standards and of the equipment supported by the telecommunication towers. 

CASE offers the following communication design services:

Raw land development

Colocation services

Structural analysis of existing towers

Tower foundation design services

Self supporting tower design

Guyed tower design

Monopole design

Platform design

205' Guyed Tower New Orleans, LA